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Frequently Asked Questions



  1. How should I come dressed?
    However you like! Some people come in jeans.  Some come in suits or dresses.  We believe God is more interested in what’s inside your heart than what you’re wearing.

  2. Where do I Park?
    A free parking lot is available surrounding the church.

  3. Which entrance do I use?
    The main entrance to the sanctuary is located near the large glass front doors.

  4. What is service like?
    All experiences at Baltimore-White Marsh are comprised of a powerful worship and a life-changing message.  Our goal is to worship God and strengthen one another.  Our ushers will provide you a bulletin that will show you what will be happening during service.

  5. Where do I sit?
    Feel free to sit wherever you feel comfortable when you enter the sanctuary.  Our ushers will be happy to help you find a seat.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to send us a message