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Pathfinder Club - Cloudwalkers
Aiming to Walk With God -- Genesis 5:22
Looking Forever to the Cloud -- Revelation 1:7

Pathfinders are a worldwide organization of young people sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, though young people of any religious persuasion, or none at all, are welcome and encouraged to join the organization.

For those who know, "Pathfindering" conjures up images of marching, camping, curious hobbies, bugs and bats. Enlarging their windows on the world and building a relationship with God are the dual objectives of this club designed for children ages 10-16. Currently with nearly 2 million members around the world, this Seventh-day Adventist Church-sponsored club accepts any youth who promise to abide by the Pathfinder Pledge and Law regardless of their church affiliation.

  2014 International Camporee trip to Oshkosh, WI
  please visit   http://www.adventistyouth.org/ff2014 


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